No-Bullshit Consulting –  this has been GCI’s policy for many years. And we still apply this basic principle today. We don’t take shortcuts when analyzing problems and don’t see consulting as a standardized process in which one and the same method will get you to your goal every time. And: we don’t want solutions that only dress up the figures for a short time, but aim at a long-lasting effect. It is our claim that every complete project achieves a specific, measurable effect – this could be in terms of turnover, margins, costs, EBIT, working capital or cash flow – everything is possible, only a biased mindset is prohibited!

No-bullshit promise:

  • – We look for solutions that really are lasting solutions.
  • – We can’t do everything, and will admit to that.
  • – No standard is our standard.
  • – We’re tough when analyzing, so that we can give clear recommendations based on hard facts.
  • – We don’t abandon you during implementation.
  • – Our rule: no work to rule.
  • – Our work is minimally invasive for maximum effect.
  • – We never see each other twice for the same problem.

How we work.

With more than 30 years of experience, we’ve seen a lot of different cases and learned a lot every time. You can benefit from this treasure trove of experience. We’re familiar with many industries and different markets, but we nevertheless consider every case to be unique and always look for solutions that can really make a sustainable difference for you and that can actually be implemented. And we do this very efficiently and effectively.

We not only discuss the action plan at management level, but also make sure that the persons who will implement it are involved. In this way, implementation both works better and fewer problems occur, while the desired results and effects can be obtained more quickly.

As consultants, we offer independent advice. We don’t have any history, position or career plans in specific companies – which gives us the freedom to give you the unadorned truth. Even if that hurts. We’re tough towards the matter at hand, but use a conciliatory tone. And don’t worry, it won’t be that bad. If it was, we surely wouldn’t have so many happy clients who have been with us for many years and approach us over and over with new requests.

  • Based on partnership

  • Analytical

  • Individual

  • Experienced

  • Focused on implementation

“We draw on our last (p)reserves. Not literally, of course – we analyze the relevant parts of your company to the depth required. Because if you want to take well-grounded decisions, you need to get to the bottom of things.“

Andreas Frischherz, Managing Partner