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M&A Advisory

Mergers & Acquisitions continue to grow in importance in medium-sized business: It is more and more common for company successors to come from outside the family, quick developmental changes are difficult to realize through organic growth, focusing on core business makes it necessary to outsource or give up business activities.

For most companies, the purchase or sale of a company unit is a totally new challenge, the completion of which places great demands on the entire organisation.

We support you in this unique challenge and provide our expertise and experience from numerous successful projects!

Our Transaction Services will support you in purchasing and/or selling activities, and even help when it’s time to handle mergers, spin-offs and divestitures.

Typical consulting challenges

  • Structuring of M&A processes and process management
  • Financial modelling and data books
  • Investors search and target scouting
  • Due Diligence – valuation
  • Post merger integration and transition management

Customer statements

… for your part, the process was conducted in a professional manner, communication was open … we have the outstanding commitment of GCI to thank for the fact that, despite difficult conditions, a solid and sustainable ownership structure could be found.

Management -

Austrian plant constructor

… the project required the highest degree of professionalism, accuracy and inter-personal skills. GCI Management achieved our expectation by meeting tough deadlines, independently advising on further opportunities, flexibly committing additional resources and communicating with ease in a multi-national context…

Managing Director -


…the open and cooperative exchange, your professionalism and integrity enabled the recognition and assessment of existing values, and therefore the opportunity to reshape our future. We especially appreciate your deep intuition when involving the entire family, your negotiation skills in various interests, and your sensibility in finding the right words at the right time – in all areas.

From the start, your intense commitment and pragmatic, efficient approach opened doors to interesting developmental opportunities. Thanks to your efficient, active and operative support during the entire realignment process, we felt well taken-care of by you and your company no matter what the situation!

Management -

Austrian family food producer

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