GCI specializes in performance management. Our goal: To sustainably improve company performance and safeguard continuity. In doing so we think strategically and holistically, approach problems from a new perspective and delve deep into your company and its challenges. Because we don’t do ‘by the book’: that’s forbidden.

That’s why for us, every new project starts with a whole bunch of questions. Questions that can give us the answer to how we can make your company more customer-focused, faster, more productive, leaner, and thus more competitive.

Depending on the task at hand and the specific problem, we custom compile the right tools for you from our varied methods and approaches. This enables us to generate new perspectives for the company and the business, which then also reveal new, decisive approaches. Together with you, we find the white spots in your company and the right strategies to sustainably improve your corporate performance.

Our work involves speaking to all the parties involved in the company – from the management level down to the machine operators in production. This helps to overcome natural barriers to communication and information and allows us to see the big picture.

And we don’t abandon our clients during implementation either. That’s why we also won’t make any recommendations that would be too taxing for your company, and instead start from the company’s present position to develop an action plan together, assisting you in implementing the measures all the way to success. No bullshit consulting, in other words.

Our approach:

  • 1.

  • 2.

  • 3.
    Understanding & acceptance

  • 4.
    Basis for decision/support

  • 5.
    Assistance during implementation (pilot – roll-out)

  • 6.
    Performance measurement

Corporate performance as the goal, and many areas as the path.

It is our claim that our recommendations genuinely achieve measurable success for our clients. We deliberately take a wide view and strive to look at problems from all perspectives. Performance management, the way we mean it, can thus involve a number of traditional consultancy areas. These include:

  • Corporate Performance

    Successful companies do not rest on their laurels, but scrutinize their procedures and constantly develop their organization and business processes further. The key target aspects for change are increasing customer focus, process efficiency and effectiveness, as well as occupational health and safety alongside employee motivation.
    Examples of topics include:
    – Optimizing business processes / organizational development
    – Supply chain optimization
    – Increased efficiency and lower costs
    – Working capital management and liquidity optimization
    – Planning and controlling systems
    – Strategic, financial, and operational corporate management
    – Restructuring and reorganization concepts
    – Continuous improvement processes (CIP)

  • Business Development

    Successful companies continuously develop their business model further and already know today what their markets will be tomorrow and how they will approach them. Applying the principle of “attack is the best form of defense”, the goal of business development is to identify future market potential and exploit it fully.
    Examples of topics include:
    – Growth strategies
    – Market entry and internationalization concepts
    – Acquisition of new markets and business areas
    – M&A advisory
    – Sales audit and sales push
    – Innovative business models and sales channels
    – Pricing strategies
    – Innovation management

  • Corporate Finance

    A special core competence of our Munich office is corporate finance and assistance with refinancing. We particularly support SMEs in finding the right financing and/or gaining access to the capital market. We offer our experience from numerous successful projects for concept development and implementation.
    Examples of topics include:
    – Innovative financing concepts
    – Identifying financing partners and process management
    – Funding management
    – Supporting capital market access (compiling prospectuses, IPO, listing)
    – Structuring and placement of (SME) bonds